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Allow Truth to Endure

Every time we turn on the radio, television or surf the internet we are reminded of the world at war and conflict. Countries at war, congress in conflict, financial institutions running afoul are the headlines these days. There is also a conflict that that has the potential to arise in all of us by default – by default of being in a capitalist society. But society is not what fails us it is the faulty perceptions by individuals that betrays.

Earnest competition is what we are taught from almost day one. Win at whatever cost, never give up, get them before they get you, becomes the mindset. In all of this training that we receive the underlying theme is fear.

Fear is how competition is oversubscribed to most of us. When fear is introduced then truth becomes distorted and people act on this ignorance. People act on ignorance within themselves on a daily basis.

The internal voice dialogue that becomes an everyday occurrence is tuned into self propagating possession. I need more becomes a common theme – more money, more beauty, more fun, more sex, more, more, more.

Within this internal standard of seeking more, the essence of truth becomes lost. Internal conflict prevails when you can not satisfy the “more” standard and people are often tricked into believing that if they working harder or cheat the system this may be the only way to satisfy the internal conflict based on more.

In either case the conflict takes on more stress and becomes greater. Truth then becomes a thing of the past, an unpracticed value and the individual becomes “fearworthy”. The individual makes decisions to keep up, to chase the dream, to try to satisfy the common standard- more more, more…But it seldom comes to us in the form that our faulty perceptions would believe.

PEACE is just around the corner.

Dissolve the ego by allowing truth to endure. Affix a healthy perception by letting fear become love, and peace will fade the conflict from within…Seeking MORE, MORE, MORE, TRUTH then comes the standard. AND this standard needs no one to perceive it – It just is.



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