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Be Accessible

When we think of motivation we typically think of emotions that are inspiring or get us up an going. We tie these concepts in to goal attainment and aspiration. There is a distinctive “will” to succeed in what ever we set out to achieve.

However, as goals get bigger so does the aspiration – not in the motivational sense but in the ability to take in what is at stake. The aspiration moves from a desire to achieve to a feeling of labored breathing. Fear becomes the motivating factor along these junctions. At this point individuals have the tendency to talk themselves out of a goal because of fear. Playing it safe replaces the original goal.

When people play it safe they deflect the goal and become inaccessible. Accessibility to a goal is a primary condition for success. People that “self defeat” place themselves in an inferior position and self image is compromised. The position becomes a long term strategy for living and the internal voice negotiation becomes “if I am uncomfortable – avoid it…”

However if you become readily available to the conditions for success then success will follow. That is if you are accessible and you come from the frame of thought that you “will try” then success will be accessible to you.

Even if you fail at least you gain the experience of the transaction which can be used the next time you make your self accessible. Make yourself accessible and success will be readily available to you because prosperity deserves your attention.



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