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Bipole Communication

“Compassion begets Integrity” was a comment I made in a previous blog post titled Integrity. Compassion, altruism and empathy are examples of what motivates or inspires styles of communication or what we call “interpersonal communication” between people. I think this is best described in what I call “bipolar communication”.

On the extreme end of the pole lies the communication style known as aggression. Aggression is a communication style that completely disregards and disrespects the other person. Truth is almost always absent in this form of communication. It is a style that is driven with the mindset of SELF. ME, ME, ME, & no one else matters. It is egoic in nature and requires no empathetic value.

At the opposite end of the pole lies the communication style of deference. Deference (Low & Nelson), is a communication style that is in essence, non communication. The person deflects, avoids, and “defers” from any interactions that promotes self, and promotion of ideas is given up to others in all situations. This style serves to disrespect the self and is always self-denying.

An overload of empathy value coupled with hindered self esteem are typically the reasons for deference and the person is regularly viewed as a ” martyr”. Again truth is typically disregarded. In the middle of the spectrum is assertion.

Assertion is a communication style that allows for a balance of respect for others, while allowing for respect of self. It demonstrates a balance of empathetic value, positive regard for others and positive regard for self. This style seeks and examines the truth in almost all cases. So from this we can see that communication between people whether it be verbal, physical, or that of written expression is chiefly inspired by empathy. T

herefore, when we are defining integrity as a value that has to do with positive outcomes, then assertion is the best means of a producing such an effect. And with this then we can state that Empathy, compassion, and truth , are what chiefly fuels this communication style between people. I guess it can be stated this way – “integrity is a vicarious effect of balanced empathy, compassion and truth.”



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