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On a monthly basis staff needs to be able to demonstrate that the temperatures that we reach in our dehydration process are accurate. The process of calibration is used to certify this aspect of our process. Calibration requires comparisons between a verifiable and standard temperature to the temperature recorded by the instruments used. If these two match up then calibration can be established, thus reducing dramatically the problems that could occur if the instrument is not accurate.

Calibrating is a form of fine tuning. Individuals often get out of balance and are not calibrated to living. Too much of one thing affects equilibrium which requires some process of calibration to get us back on point. Refining is required of most aspects of life, however, what often gets neglected is you. Listen to yourself, and discover that one thing that can assist in taking back equilibrium.

For me spending time with my family and listening to the innocence of their thoughts and words is enough to direct me inward and onward to balance. “Calibrate” as often as you can for without it problems are sure to arise.



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