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“Change Orientation”

I recently had a comment posted on one of my blogs that suggested that the author would love to capture some of the thoughts that they have in a blog similar to ours. The reason that this has not come to pass was because of procrastination. Procrastination has much to do with “change resistance”. It has been a safe position to take and one of least resistance. Overcoming procrastination has to do with orienting the self to change.

Change orientation is that skill of awareness that gauges the contentment or discontent one has for their present state of living. If one is not satisfied with their life then change orientation would then propel a person forward with prescriptive plans for change. If a person has the answer but ultimately falls short on application, then resistance is the mindset.

Individuals will often live out their lives in a misery that they know, rather than change in the lives for something that they do not know. In this case “fear of the unknown” is the rationalization with which procrastination also thrives. Change orientation is to educate yourself through truth seeking which will then challenge your ignorance. An ignorance that one may have once thought were valid reasons to accept complacency. By empowering change to become a vehicle for calibrating the awareness for growth through truth, the inevitable then follows – growth itself.

Stay truthful my friends…


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