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Come Together – Let “ego” go

The obstacles that face business seem to be an almost everyday occurrence. It is part of business. Obstacles are not necessarily problems. In my opinion, in order to classify an obstacle as a problem a certain set of criterion has to be met.

First, the perception of a problem must be one that does not mimic a problem from the past. That is, it must be a completely new issue, one that has not been solved in the past.

Secondly, the source of difficulty must not have passed the “choice evaluation” process. That is problem solving filters that you have put into place can not have had probable answers to the dilemma. If there are probable answers, then one must move forward with the potential resolution and overcome the obstacle – not dwell on the potential problem.

The last and most important criterion lies in employing the ear of an advisor. This is most difficult because it entails dissolving ones “ego”, I call it the “false self”. When the “false self” concedes that the issue was too big for anyone to solve then any problem solving ceases. The “ego” can get in the way to the point that many people concede that the obstacle can not be solved and over state the significance of the issue. With this the newly defined problem becomes a product of the of the “one-up-man ship dilemma”. The self talk becomes “I know better than anyone else”.

Most problems that occur in the world are a matter of “ego”, the “false self”, getting in the way. Opportunities are typically found in “problems” when the right people find each other. But the “dissolution of ego is a must”.

Humans are a herd animal- we must depend on one another because we can not go at it alone. People that attempt to do so are fools. No one that was ever successful went at it alone. There are no genuine ideas, no one is ever that brilliant. Your idea might be the best one ever, but, that does not buy you sovereignty from the advice of others within the potential problem solving process. Be you, but, ask for help when warranted. The right people must come together.

For me it is my wife and I; Me and my family; Me and my best of friends. At least they inspire and place me in spirit to go beyond the dilemma and not the perceived “PROBLEM”. Come together, let EGO-GO and overcome your obstacles.



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