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Dissonance – The Ego’s Code

The human mind has come under attack since we have been able to think rationally. However, the rationality of the human mind is a subjective definition in this day and age. When Darwin introduced the concept of “survival of the fittest” nearly 100 years ago many individuals could not buy into it. The concept was later used to describe social and economic phenomena. The concept of “survival” seems to borrow momentum for setting into motion the optimal illusion of dissonance which is competing for advancement in one way or another without being true to yourself.

The pseudo self or EGO is the component of thought that thrives in dissonance. Whether it is a moral, cognitive, spiritual or emotional dissonance, rest assured the ego is desperate to survive in a world clouded by the imbalance. Dissonance infects impeccability on various levels and hopes to take it hostage. It holds all things good hostage as it feels that survival is not possible with merely love and authenticity.

From this, the struggle is seen in the balancing act that ensues between the real self, social self and the pseudo self. This in turn causes more stress than any other concept that afflicts our cognitions. And it is all man-made and almost always an internal dilemma based in a belief that the true essence of love, kindness, peace and ultimate authenticity is not enough to survive.

Athletes, politicians, “spiritual leaders”, news agencies, countries and even health “gurus”, are guilty of selling this type of “mental terrorism” on a daily basis. The question is “survive from what?” We have been led to believe that we must keep pace with the material world, the world of drama and the world of luxuria, which is the EGO’s paradise.

Free yourself from the dissonance by mere awareness and commitment to examine each thought as truth or falsehood. This must be done with no motive to gain anything but PEACE. Be true to yourself and love all things, as there is “endurance” in this if you are patient with the process.



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