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Do Good Now


This statement is often heard and seems almost cliché. But a wise man once responded to the statement this way, “If you do GOOD in all that you to do, then you don’t have to worry about taking care…”

“Taking care” would mean to focus yourself on avoiding choices that would cause harm to you or others – to make choices with spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual consequences. Always making good choices takes practice and is certainly a difficult task, but, it is possible.

By being good you certainly resonate an attending quality of love, thus setting into motion the conditions for internal truth flowing in the direction of peace to all people that you encounter. But most importantly, unto yourself. In all situations, when we do good or at least aspire to do good, we cannot go wrong with this outlook. I believe this is what is meant by “Take care”.

So the statement ”Take Care” might be more clearly stated with something like, “Do Good Now”…

Thank you Dean…



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