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Drive Strength

Why beef jerky? Why go into a business with literally thousands of jerky manufacturers to compete with? The answer was simple to me. It is because we truly believe that we are the best. Hugh MacLeod captured what is meant by drive strength for me when he printed the “Change the world or go home” cartoon. I have always been a jerky head and BELIEVED that WE could produce a superior product. A product that has changed the world according to the standards of the jerky industry. It wasn’t easy, especially with all the State Regulations to contend with, but, once we jumped through all the hoops all that was left was a truly “safe” and “savory steak treat”.

“Ganas” is the Spanish word for Drive strength, it is that inner motivation that individuals must harness to move to the next level. However, Drive strength must be equaled with genuine commitment ethic and unbending intent. The follow through is golden… Drive strength without commitment ethic are typically manifested as lies that you direct at yourself. In my experience ,you can only lie to yourself enough before it begins to take its toll on Self Esteem. And if you suffer with faulty esteem issues our jerky might help your “ganas”!



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