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Father’s Day

A Father is one that teaches, coaches, loves and understands. One that expresses mostly through example. The importance of a father that is accessible to his children is laudable. And the ultimate praise that a father gets is mostly seen in how your children respond and succeed to the trials in their lives because their ability came from your teaching – Ability to cope, to persevere, to trust, to be strong, to be loyal and to be “valley resilient” are but a few of the qualities that an accessible father can teach. My father and grandfather taught me so much and sometimes they used words in the process. My children remind me of the love that I have for them when they work so hard in all that they do, loving themselves along the way. Everyday is fathers day for me. Thank you to all you fathers on your special day.

And to My DAD I love you, I trust you and you are certainly worthy of praise .

Happy Fathers Day,

Your son Glenn.



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