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A traumatic experience resulting in some form of suffering at the hands of someone else is typically the birth of grievance. Grievance becomes so strong in an individual that has been “done wrong” that one becomes fixed on retaliation.

Bitterness becomes a reoccurring theme and revenge becomes the negative motivation for living. With this perceptive base the past becomes your present and power to the negative emotion is enhanced.

The fallout from the negative emotions prompted by the past gives rise to depressed states of thinking, feeling and acting. The downhearted individual is unable to gain momentum and the footing for growth. The lack of leverage to move in a positive direction is typically blamed on the original transgression, which becomes the cyclic recipe for life. How sad this becomes…

Forgiveness is a truthful means to the end resulting in peace. The Buddha once said, “holding on to anger is like picking up a hot coal with the intent of hurling it at someone else; you are the one that gets burned in the process.” Forgiveness allows us the fortitude to leave the burning coals behind, thus securing the footing for living in a energy of peace. There is seldom seen an act of bravery such as the act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of strength, not a gesture of weakness as the ego would make one believe. Replacing Fear with Forgiveness is an act of courage leading to the strengthening of integrity. Integrity is the glue that holds morality together and is an expression of love.

Forgive today and let the healing begin…



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