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Go Build Something…

Over the weekend I walked into a local Lumber yard to buy some supplies needed to build a pergola. The store was handing out baseball caps that were embroidered with the words, “Go Build Something”. Those words seem to be the equivalent of Nike’s “Just Do It”. Both are inspiring and place me in spirit to walk out the door on a mission.

For me, however, I took the statements meaning a step further. Go Build Something means to be true to your dreams in motivation, creation and in follow through.

People often tell me that they are trying to find themselves. As though, they are trying to connect to an entity from within – a person that has remained dormant for many years.

The fact is the entity, that person sought, has not yet been created. The person that you want to connect with hasn’t been built yet. So life really isn’t about finding yourself, it is about building yourself one step at a time. Choices and consequential outcomes both good and bad are enough to create – if we remain focused on what is truth.

Learn from Mistakes, Remove the lies, remain true to self, be inspired, and GO BUILD YOU…No one else can make that investment!



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