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“Go Build Something” results are in…

In an earlier post titled “Go Build Something”, I write to the fact that I had gone to a local lumber yard to pick up some supplies to build a pergola. Here is what I produced. Not only was I able to build this with my own hands, but the outcome has had an overall effect on internal EI mindset. “Go Build Something…” you will be the better for it.

Design by GDavid: All rough Cedar, 6×6 posts and cedar ceiling. The roughout ceiling allows natural sunlight to permeate and fill the room. However, the pergola is covered with a clear corrugated PVC panel throughout making it completely rain and hail proof, but having the elusion of not being covered. It measures 26 x 14 x 8 tall. The flooring is parquet foot stones surrounded by cement wall barrier. GO Build Something…



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