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Immediate Feedback

Why have a contact page? Why have a blog? The answers to these questions may seem obvious, but the reasons we have for this go a little deeper. For us the answers to these questions lie in the faith that we have in you, our customers. In an previous blog, I write about the idea of “legitimate authority” as it applied to decision making, but more importantly as it applies to listening to you the customer. In the book, “FLOW”, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines 8 dimensions that must be satisfied to achieve a state of flow in achieving a goal. The second dimension is described as setting your goals with some set factor of immediate feedback. Immediate feed back is necessary because it acts like a “gauge” in alerting us to what we are doing wrong and what we need to change in our pursuits. The only way one grows is through the feedback loop. But one has to be prepared as to what feedback you are going to receive and not take things personally. But that is another blog altogether. So for us the contact form and the BLOG serve as tools for us. They serve as a means to obtain the most integral form of feedback. That is, feedback from our customers so that we may use it in our constant pursuit of excellence. Your comments serve as that second dimension to achieving FLOW at the Lights Jerky Company. And for that, we Thank You.



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