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Recently, we at the Lights Jerky Company read a bad review from a customer that lives well on the other side of the country. What the customer identified as their experience with our product was terrible. The customer identified a product that falls well below the standards that we have set. I am not going to lie, but, my initial thought was that the customer might have been getting our product confused with someone else’s product. In the end, my thoughts swung in the direction of the customer, as I began to ask myself, “why would someone be writing about our product if their intent was negative”? I then started to believe that the customer voiced concerns as a means of trying to help. I went to the drawing board to think of what could have gone wrong and was unable to identify the problem. Suffice to say that things do go wrong from time to time and it could have been the result of a millions things or just one. It is not important to dwell on it, however, it is important to seek a second chance. Integrity as a concept has to do with consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. I consider The Lights Jerky brand to be an extension of who we are as individuals. WE consistently try to preserve the integrity of our product by improving process and ourselves a little everyday.

Well, we did get a chance to make it right with this customer. Knowing that you can’t please everyone, we will see if our product meets expectations with that customer before too long. But if not, what is important is that we value our customers and our response to this particular customer’s review was met with INTEGRITY. Most reviews are evaluated on not only the content of the review, but more importantly the context of the review. We have to be able to understand the truth before we can act, so we can honestly say -We will not try to please everyone as THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, but will strive to be consistent with our end product. Integrity is the a word that sums up the mindset of our team. We thank you for all comments because that only makes us want to do better…



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