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Internal Distraction Modes

Goal attainment of all forms are more easily attained when general distractions to the goal are limited. Distractions are often direct goal blockers. However, when we think of distractions we often make the assumption that these are variables outside of ourselves. Variables that can detach motive and commitment can often come from within. The internal distraction mode is what I call it.

Internal distraction modes are those variables that are born of the element of FEAR. Perceived FEAR that runs amuck affects the internal drive typically by internal voice dialogue. Negative self talk coupled with the notion of playing it safe can often unhinge momentum in goal pursuit. Momentum is then stalled and we often see complete goal abandonment or in milder forms the evolution of procrastination.

The internal Distraction mode can be overcome first by tuning into the reality of the fear element and distinguishing whether it is a perceived fear vs a real fear. Awareness of the internal voice dialogue theme can help understand the amount of negativity in your self judgments. Gaining ground on this insight will help in redirecting dialogue and ultimate judgement. When this occurs then you can begin practicing impeccability to yourself which will lessen the burden of perceived fear and release the internal distraction mode.

Sounds complicated but it really isn’t – let’s just say that you have to be completely honest with yourself when you set goals.; then , don’t become a distraction to the goal.

Peace Truth and Love…



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