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LIGHTS JERKY BLOG“ Measured Adventure”

RISK isn’t for everyone. But it is essential for goal attainment, no matter how big or how small.

Taking general, haphazard risks is like shooting arrows into the sky, sometimes they hit their targets, but often times you get hit by your own arrows.

However, if you put in the time, “measured adventure” is much more deliberate. It tends to be more calculated and often times hits the target.

“Measured adventure” never comes easy – you have to be prepared to “calibrate” your tools as often as you can, do the research, test the concept, adjust where needed and then set out to apply whatever you have learned in the spirit of reaching the goal. But you have to do the homework to maximize potential and minimize the gamble. There is always a great payoff in end. The payoff is not always in the form of money, but always in the form of EDUCATION.

AND to be able to live life from the perspective and approach of “measured adventure” – well that is goal attainment in and of itself.

Peace, truth and love.



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