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Love is blind…

A previous blog post has stirred questions about my statement, perceived love is blind and the rationalization of greed insatiable. Most of the emails I received sought clarification of the statement.

The statement is a revised version of a Chinese proverb “love is blind and greed insatiable”. I believe that the perception of love is most prominent in today’s world. While love in the truest essence of the word is seemingly hard to find because of perception.

The reason may be found in how the human mind has been primed to believed in certain things. People that are tuned in to the frequency of the material world may hold love in the “arousal effect” and confuse the definition of love with the instant gratification of luxuria. We can see this between people as well – most “teenage love” for example…Arousal effect to a “t”een.

Luxuria is conditional and is dependent upon perception. Love on the other hand needs no one to perceive it – it just is. When we can alter perception or do away with it altogether we can find love in the most innocent of things. Love can be found in just about everything and everyone. But when people begin to defend their perception of love there is always is a secondary gain that prompts the defense.

The secondary gain is typically some form of greed. Mindsets that are rapacious lean to use instant gratification and need to justify it somehow. Rationalization is the defense. There are many ways to defend your perceived love for anything. True love needs no defense, it needs no one to believe in it. Do away with secondary gains and the games we play between one another, the result is that we then can open ourselves to truth. And there is always love in that…



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