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Make Room for What Matters

Ever open your refrigerator and notice several jars of items that you have not used in over a year? There might be an extra jar of jam, or an extra jar of salad dressing that didn’t really agree with you after you bought it. In some instances the refrigerator gets so cluttered with these types of items that it makes it difficult to stuff new items into it. So you shuffle things around trying to make space for the items that you just purchased.

The routine begins by shuffling from one shelf to another in a random order with no real goal other than to shove the newly purchased groceries into the remaining space. There is no prioritization, there is no real organization, it can be quite chaotic if one was just aware. There is no concept of letting go of the non-essentials to make room for the essentials. We will go to the extent of allowing the nonessential items to spoil before we recognize that they can be discarded. Sometimes the non-essentials become a threat to the essential items because the spoilage can transfer over to the new stuff. It goes on for a long time before something gives in and it is usually the entire refrigerator. The entire space…

This is exactly how many of us live our lives. There are so many different thoughts that are non-essential to our lives, but we hold on to them like a jar of unused salad dressing.

There are also relationships that are non-essential that we are programmed to believe we need to hold on to but are truly not good for us. We spend energy and time on these relationships that go nowhere and then have no time to dedicate to the essential relationships that deserve our attention.

Both you and your refrigerator need an honest inventory of essential vs. nonessential items. When you make room for the essentials then you can truly understand how important these items are to the significance of living. A positive strategy for living is to let go of the non-essentials in your life and dedicate more time to seeking out and nurturing the essentials in your life. I can assure you that life gets more easily managed and admiration for what is then created is truly witnessed. Create your life, get rid of the clutter and embrace what matters…



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