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More Follow Through

Drive strength is that inner motivation that individuals must harness to move to the next level. However, Drive strength must be equaled with genuine commitment ethic and fixed intention. The follow through is golden… Drive strength without commitment ethic is typically manifested as a lie directed at yourself. In my experience ,you can only lie to yourself enough before it begins to take its toll on Self Esteem.

When an individual continues down this cyclic mindset of saying one thing and doing another, it not only takes it toll on confidence in ones own ability to attain, but, it also takes its toll on the how others may perceive you as dependable. The most affected with this type of thinking moral force is trust.

A quick fix to this type of mind play is to consider the amount of follow through or commitment ethic will be required before allowing blind motivation to move forward in taking on a task.

Motivation will naturally precede commitment, however, I am merely suggesting that you don’t commit in any way until you consider the amount of commitment it will take to achieve the said task. To allow the same ol’ same ol’ is to concede to the same result, which whittles away at your dignity and self -worth, which may be unbeknown-st to you.

Be true to your goals by being true to the commitment ethic involved.



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