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Secondary GAINS

Human motivation is a curious study indeed. From genuine motives to motives camouflaged as sincere and honest.

Ulterior motives are at the root of most human interactions, rather than the morality of the transaction at hand. The value of the gain seems to set the strength of the motivation.

Nowadays, the problem seems to be in searching for the genuineness of the transaction which introduces doubt and suspicion, which is the antithesis of trust. Ulterior motives are called “Secondary Gains”.

“Secondary Gains” describes a highly motivated state of an individual, not for the transaction at hand, but from what can be gained by the said transaction. It enlists the WIIIFM mentation- “What Is In It for Me”.

Secondary gains can be described as simply as a teenagers “rare hug” motivated by the possibility of being able to go to a party. The hopeful means to and end is to treat dad with love and respect so that one can get what they want out of the act. Of course, this is not a genuine interpersonal transaction based on empathy, love or respect, but rather a selfish “egoic” act.

Secondary gains can also be as complex as remaining in a marriage for economic reason, but to disguise it as love for your mate. Secondary gain transactions seem to be the most common means of interpersonal relations these days, making the emotion of trust difficult to comprehend. EGOIC thoughts and an internal voice dialogue of inconsideration for others can give rise to an fixed ungenerous outlook. But this will only go so far before others perception of you becomes that of self serving. At that point, people can trust that you can not be trusted.

Attempting to disallow the secondary gain strategy can be a difficult task, but if successful then truth becomes your ally. When truth becomes a means to end then peace becomes the force behind all transactions.

Peace, Love and Truth to all…



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