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Often times, teams take the approach of playing a game with their energy focus on pride. Pride in what they perceive or believe that they are vs. playing a game for the collective love involved.

Love for the game is an individualized concept, with global implication; it is subjective with objective intention which is inspired devotion. Pride at the team level is a group concept, subjective in nature, but objective in fueling ego dynamic. It points to the core of the ego and does little to propel teams to common ground.

Playing for pride is an outdated concept. Pride propels teams to a look beyond the game to the end result that would validate the motive of their play. It takes the player out of their element on a mission to justify. Pride needs someone to believe in it especially the egocentric.

Love needs no one to believe in it – it just is… Love inspires to be in the moment with no regard to outcome or secondary gain. It allows a focus of contemplation within the task musing in spirit one step at a time. So playing for the love of the game rather than from the mindset of self serving pride and secondary gain goes a lot further, regardless of the score.

So whatever team you are are part of, remember to;

Play hard, love hard and be inspired…”



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