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The 3M Concept

The 3 M’s of the model are movement, money and marketing. The focus of the concept is on these three separate members being an amalgam of one force. Small business owners often venture to sell a product or service but may fall short because they do not truly consider the other elements of 3M. For me, the “trinity” must be satisfied equally for business to truly succeed.

The “movement” is the product or service that the business intends to “move” or sell. For us, of course, it is the jerky products that we manufacture.

The second tier is money. Money speaks to following it from beginning to end, in all areas of the operation. It is all about accurate accounting. Without proper accounting a business will fail.

Lastly, marketing! Marketing your product with proper intent is as important, if not more important than the money aspect. There must be a balance of the 3M’s in order for a small business to truly succeed. Advertising with truth and integrity is essential. Not promising more than you can actually deliver but remaining loyal and consistent to selling exactly what you are is very important.

Consistency in relationships with customers advances trust. And trust advances confidence. If a business falls short of one or the other then they must act diligently to fill in the need as quickly as possible. BALANCE is what you must seek in all walks of life.



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