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The Religion of EGO

The idea of Religion encompasses ones relationship with God, whatever and however this may appear to be to you. It is a relationship based on love in whatever form.

When religion is inoculated with ego then the message takes on a new meaning and propagation begins. God is furthest from the center of this man made dynamic and this is when people fail their relations with God and hate festers. The need to exclaim the importance of their relationship with God and to be right becomes the “affirmed force” behind the faith, rather than the true relationship that one has with God and others.

By eliminating the ego, a truth of love with God begins and religion then becomes the furthest component from the center of this state of connectedness. Religion is not at fault, but, the individual ego and perception seem to be the culprit. By attempting to see love in all people that you encounter, one can embrace their creator through a steady stream of love and respect.

In all situations seek truth and love, thus peace will result, which is more in line with the creator. And if not, then the result is still peace, truth and love.

In all situations, allow love to be your guide which is a version of God that always resonates peace and truth. However, the trick is maintaining this relationship for yourself, and only you because Religion is about you and your relationship with God and not what others might think.



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