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The Rules You Break

“The evil that men do lives after them, the good oft interred with their bones..”. Shakespeare

Data collection continues with inspectors week after week, month after month, year after year at our jerky facility. There is a filing cabinet at our plant that is used by inspectors that contains data (written reprimands) for the whole year that remains relatively empty. The more we mess up, the more data goes into their files and the more justified jobs seem to be. However, if MSA was required to keep records on the number of good things we do ,well, we’d better get more cabinets.

Breaking the rules seems to be followed with much more enthusiasm and the sport seems to be part of an old brain mechanism. Our false-selves tune into the misfortune of others because the perception of control and power shifts out of balance, and part of the perception is that people feel a sense of advantage in this inequity. The legitimacy of such a mindset is only vindicated by the ego.

Being able to get past this mindset at either end of the balance shift is integral to interpersonal and ultimately intrapersonal relations. But the important thing to remember is that you really don’t need anyone to justify anything for you, but you. In our case, our work ethic and acknowledgment of the rules is rewarded by the number of repeat customers we have. The customer reminds us that we are doing something very right. This expression strengthens our commitment and our constant pursuit of exercising good judgement.

Which is the one rule that we try to abide by daily; to exercise good judgment in all situations, beyond this, there really are no other rules.



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