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To Take for Granted…

Assumptions are made every single day that we are awake. Assumptions are also made when we are asleep. The difference is the consciousness level of the assumption. The most practiced assumption that we make as individuals is to take something for granted.

There must be a balance and focus of three elementary elements in order for us to become more conscientious. There must be an ability to maintain order and focus between thinking, feeling and acting.

The acting aspect is what we are more in tune with these days. Delay of gratification is seldom the mindset, as we typically act in the direction of immediate gratification with no thoughts. Acting with no balance and focus ends up in burn out of the action, loss of focus and typically something goes wrong. It also ends with an adverse feeling of the given action after the fact which then affects thinking. Simply put, taking something for granted is a matter of perceptive focus. It is a matter of a belief that you have developed because of the burn out factor that was self imposed.

Children often say, “they are bored”, “there is nothing to do”, almost always because of the mismatch of emotions and ultimate perceptions. This can also be a symptom of a bigger problem. A major part of the problem is overindulgence. Too many choices throws the balance off and an assumption that there is satisfaction in something else takes precedent. When the reality is there is inevitable burnout in the new experience because the cycle of the perception issue.

Ever go the beach? It is just sand, fresh air and water. But the reality is that a very small percentage of people, both young and elderly, take this for granted. No matter how many times an individual goes to the beach the feeling, thinking and acting is seldom out of balance and the focus is a good time. Thus the experience gives rise to a belief that prompts action that yields positive results that at long lasts ends in a cycle of trust that going to the beach will be a good time.

Stop and smell the roses, witness a sunrise or sunset, watch your children play, all while maintaining a balance while you do – the result is living life with very little assumptions. AND – What a pure way to live…



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