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I have received some emails that sought more information on the issue of drive strength and commitment ethic that I mention in a previous blog post. I think it appropriate to first define these concepts. Drive strength and commitment ethic are emotional intelligence skills that are primarily defined as a self management skill.

Drive strength defines an individuals internal motivation. Commitment ethic defines an individuals follow through on goals identified. Managing the self in the truest sense is extremely difficult because it entails verification of reality vs lying to yourself.

Often times people establish goals with a true drive to reach the goals but often end up faltering along the way because of commitment ethic issues. Often times, the goal setter does not take into consideration the variation of commitment at different stages in the pursuit of the goal. Rationalization is the typical strategy when momentum is slowed at these points.

Again, distortion of truth seems to be the easiest way to deal with these junctions in goal pursuit. Typically, unparalleled commitment ethic to covetous drive strength kills the goal and again rationalization and excuse formation ensue. This becomes a cyclical mindset which ends in a defective self esteem. People tend to try to overcompensate for this type esteem formation with more lies, boasting, egoic thinking etc. But this is another blog post altogether.

The answer is to be truthful to your self management parameter. Drive strength and commitment ethic must be parallel. Having more commitment ethic than drive will eventually balance in pulling the drive strength forward and the reverse is to stall goal attainment.

Pursue truth in all things…



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