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Wikipedia defines a warehouse as a commercial building for storage of products. Products are kept in a warehouse until they are moved, distributed and finally entered into commerce. The significance or the idea that is intended by use of the products that are warehoused are not realized until they are moved from this state and are utilized by the end user. The warehoused product just sits until acted upon in the form of distribution. Some of the products have an expiration date and need to be acted upon immediately. If these products are mismanaged and not acted upon immediately, the products perish.

Similarly are the ideas of individuals – they remain warehoused until acted upon by motive. Many ideas never reach the end user and often dissolve. Often times creativity has an expiration date and must be acted upon with directed means – if not the idea perishes. When the “warehoused” mindset becomes a chief means of living the individual becomes numb, lifeless and the zest is lost.

Acting on your creativity in a regulated way will only improve vigor and enthusiasm for life ,thus, removing you from the “warehoused” effect.

Create often and allow your ideas committed commencement…



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