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WE owe all the LOVE in the WORLD to MOMS

The maternal is that pertaining to the instincts of the mother. Instincts rooted in love for their children which spills over into every aspect of life. Without the maternal, the world would certainly not be the same. It would likely be filled with FEAR, not LOVE. My ten year old son asked a very good question one day. “Dad”, he asked, “what is more important when you are growing up, God, Love or Education…” I pondered the question and deferred to hear his thoughts and asked, “what do you think?” He said that he thought they were all about the same, but he thought education might be most important. I then asked him why he thought so. His response was this; “Because without education, I would not know what God was and how to love…” “MOM and you, have taught me how to love and what God is.” He stressed mom in his definition because she has shown love, taught love and lived love everyday of his life. I have loved as well, but, I had to learn how to love and a mothers love is instinctual and a much more deeply rooted part of their being. MOMS are the greatest, MOMS are LOVE, Life is certainly worth living with MOMS in the picture. Happy Mother’s Day to all.



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