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What Does Oil Spill Spell?

Only after one week since the oil spill the price of gas has risen. Like a vulture waiting for its prey to make its final move, these big oil companies certainly take no time in capitalizing on disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon Spill. Every time there is movement of any sort, positive or negative, the oil companies seem to jump right in with rising gas prices. In the end, it seems to affect every aspect of life. We have seen quite a hike in beef prices in the last week. Price gouging is the quick fix for them. I believe in this quote from Bern Williams, “We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of some-body’s weakness.” So I am not inclined to jump to higher prices immediately, however, if greed continues to rise in the oil companies then we may have no choice but to adjust our prices. As for the oil companies, if we continue to drive gas guzzlers and take the car instead of taking a bike or a bus then we really can not complain about the price of gas. “Perceived love is blind and the rationalization of greed insatiable”… Easy for me to say that we need to stop “feeding the beast”- we are out here in beautiful Frontier Texas.



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