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Lights Jerky UFO

We constantly receive positive comments from our customers regarding the taste of our jerky products. Many of the comments have the flavor(no pun intended) of happy, joyful, elated feelings. I take this to mean that the people that buy our jerky can’t wait to get their hands on it and absolutely savor every bite. We have sports enthusiasts that say that they can’t watch their favorite teams without the jerky in hand and a beer in the other. It seems that our jerky is very well received and part of a happiness and /or satisfaction within our customers. So-

Several years ago, a university study was conducted to measure the serotonin levels in individuals that received an act of kindness. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is involved with happy, joyful, and elated feelings. What the researchers found was that the serotonin levels of each participant receiving an act of kindness did increase dramatically, as originally thought. In addition to this was that they found that serotonin levels also increased in the person performing the act of kindness. But wait there is more… Serotonin levels also increased in individuals that witnessed the act of kindness.

So it is not a stretch to say that if we do our part and you bite into our jerky products and you absolutely love it, this might put a smile on your face and that may have an affect on your serotonin level. Then you might reciprocate with a positive comment and that definitely puts a smile on our face, which all in all, isn’t such a bad thing.


The typical measure of the “spicy hotness” of chili peppers is measured in Scoville units. The measure considers the amount of capsaicin in a given chili pepper. The more capsaicin the hotter the chili pod. Scoville is name of the American scientist that discovered the measurement. The basic tenant of the measure holds that hot taste is neutralized with sugar drops. So the number of liquid sugar drops it takes to neutralize the spicy heat of the pepper is how the scale is derived. The typical jalapeno pepper measures at approximately 4,000 scoville units. Meaning that typically 4,000 drops of sugar water is needed to neutralize the hotness of this pepper. This has been a very subjective measure, since what one person may perceive as hot, another may not. The Scoville unit scale has since been improved to really measure the amount of capsaicin in a given chili pepper. The hottest chili in the world is the naga jolokia (ghost pepper) which measures above 1 million scoville units. The habanero pepper that we use in our jerky measures 560,000 scoville units. The chipotle peppers and crushed red peppers measure about 3,500 Scoville units. Our rating scale is from 0 to 10, with the exception of the habanero flavor we tended to rate the hotness a bit higher to protect our customer. The chipotle and red pepper flavors can be hot at times so we rated these at their hottest. Habanero is always hot.

Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg first used the concept of legitimate authority when describing moral development and ultimately decision making skills. “Legitimate Authority” is a concept that I use to understand the decision making process of most people. What the concept basically means is that some people make decisions based on what people might think of them, rather than on the principle of the situation. This is especially the case in young adults as they seem to give into peer pressure situations and in some cases tend to make very poor decisions. Legitimate authority decision making is also based on the concept that people make decisions based on what people think, but they can choose for themselves which people are important to them, thus legitimate authorities in their lives. The legitimate authority concept then develops, after a period of trial and error, into a core value of decision making based on the principle of the situation because one begins to see themselves as the “legitimate authority”. The better one gets at making CONSISTENTLY good choices the more confident they become in the authority that they have given themselves (positive self concept).

We value the input of our patrons, inspectors and team and in the end we view all of these as sources of legitimate authority because you matter. However, when it comes to making concrete decisions about our product many of the decisions that we make are based in principle carried over to give you as “legitimate authorities” the best that we can.



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