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As a jerky manufacturer, we have to abide by several standards, but of particular importance are the standards identified in a HACCP plan. The FDA defines the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points as a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. A thorough analysis of the critical control points (CCP) must be made and plans must be put into place to control the potential hazards identified. Simply put, CCP are the times in our process that “microscopic bugs” could contaminate our jerky product. This can have a devastating effect on people if we do not control for it as you can imagine. So we have developed scientifically sound plans to address these areas of concern the CCPs. Not only do we have plans in place but we have proven contingency plans in place to address any deviations. Deviations from the identified plans is cause for concern and must be addressed immediately. If you stay within the parameters identified (and we do), then you can rest assured that the jerky you eat is a safe product and its development is sound, as well as delicious. Striving for consistency is very important. Much can be learned by the essence of such standards set by HACCP. This can carry over into different walks of life. It can be an established as part of almost any development. Let’s take parenting a teen for instance. If a teenager has new request such as attending a particular party, the parents must identify the critical control points of such a request – areas of concern or probable points of mischief. The parent must ask the who, what and where's of the party and continue to analyze it’s control points to identify what is to be expected of the teenager. Once expectations for conduct are established then plans for deviations to the expectations must also be established with the teen. They must know not only what is expected but what the penalty for deviations to the plans will be. In this type of arrangement the teen must be part of the entire development of the plan. It can be a means of putting it all on the table, but more importantly what the teen brings to the table certainly empowers them to remain within the parameters that they themselves identified. It certainly works for trust development. In short terms if an individual commits to what they say they are going to do on a consistent basis then trust can be established, if not then suspicion and doubt ensue. CCP’s and parenting seem to provide a logical framework to deal with areas of concern.

Only after one week since the oil spill the price of gas has risen. Like a vulture waiting for its prey to make its final move, these big oil companies certainly take no time in capitalizing on disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon Spill. Every time there is movement of any sort, positive or negative, the oil companies seem to jump right in with rising gas prices. In the end, it seems to affect every aspect of life. We have seen quite a hike in beef prices in the last week. Price gouging is the quick fix for them. I believe in this quote from Bern Williams, “We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of some-body’s weakness.” So I am not inclined to jump to higher prices immediately, however, if greed continues to rise in the oil companies then we may have no choice but to adjust our prices. As for the oil companies, if we continue to drive gas guzzlers and take the car instead of taking a bike or a bus then we really can not complain about the price of gas. “Perceived love is blind and the rationalization of greed insatiable”… Easy for me to say that we need to stop “feeding the beast”- we are out here in beautiful Frontier Texas.

The Plains that is home to the Marfa Lights has a long history of Cattle ranching. In the early 1800’s Milton Faver became the first Battle Baron of Presidio County and one of the first cattle Barons of Texas. He purchased land around three flowing springs in southern Presidio County. He later established these three sites as his cattle ranches. The three separate sites were named the Cibolo, Morita and Cienega. The Cibolo Creek ranch is now home to the Cibolo Creek Resort – – an absolutely beautiful place to visit. Cattle continues to be an important part of life in Far West Texas , especially for us at the Lights Jerky Company.

My mother wrote a book, One Hundred Years of Faith and Memories, outlining the history of Presidio county which describes the Cattle Baron, Milton Faver. This is a fascinating book filled with an accurate historical account of Far West Texas. The Book can be purchased through her website at



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