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Lights Jerky UFO

When The Lights Jerky Company was being named, I initially figured that I would get the most out of marketing by piggy backing off an already popular riddle that has brought thousands of people to Far West Texas. For many years people have come from all over the world to see the Mystery Marfa Lights and attempt to make sense of the conundrum. The phenomena are unidentified orbs of light that appear every night on the plains between Marfa and Alpine Texas. The orbs can be seen from miles away. There are all sorts of theories that attempt to explain the lights – from ghosts or spirits roaming the plains to UFOs. So in the spirit of marketing and in the spirit of staying true to my hometown of Marfa, I decided to name the company after these mysterious lights. Years later, I began to think about how I was going to marry Beef Jerky with the Marfa Mystery Lights. One day I was watching a you tube video about a seemingly genuine cattle abduction. The Idea hit me! The Marfa Lights and beef jerky = cattle abductions. So the idea was born. And it holds true that our Beef Jerky is out of this world with Flavor!!! Here is a link to the actual video of the cattle abductions –

Coming out to West Texas to see the LIGHTS? Might as well pick up some jerky while you go out to see them for yourself, if not then just place an order online.

Why beef jerky? Why go into a business with literally thousands of jerky manufacturers to compete with? The answer was simple to me. It is because we truly believe that we are the best. Hugh MacLeod captured what is meant by drive strength for me when he printed the “Change the world or go home” cartoon. I have always been a jerky head and BELIEVED that WE could produce a superior product. A product that has changed the world according to the standards of the jerky industry. It wasn’t easy, especially with all the State Regulations to contend with, but, once we jumped through all the hoops all that was left was a truly “safe” and “savory steak treat”.

“Ganas” is the Spanish word for Drive strength, it is that inner motivation that individuals must harness to move to the next level. However, Drive strength must be equaled with genuine commitment ethic and unbending intent. The follow through is golden… Drive strength without commitment ethic are typically manifested as lies that you direct at yourself. In my experience ,you can only lie to yourself enough before it begins to take its toll on Self Esteem. And if you suffer with faulty esteem issues our jerky might help your “ganas”!

First of all, let me outline the ingredients that that goes into our fine product; Beef, Seasoning Soy Sauce -(Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Water, Salt, Corn Syrup, Caramel Coloring), Onion, Garlic, Sugar, Ginger , Paprika, and MSG. We then add chipotle pepper to our chipotle product, crushed red pepper to our Crushed red Pepper product or add habanero to our habanero product. MSG is not something that we add to our ingredients. Follow me on this – MSG naturally occurs in anything that is “hydrolyzed” as part of the manufacturing process, so we do not add MSG… it just occurs as a natural byproduct of the manufacturing process- specifically in our case, as we use soy sauce. So we are obligated to report it. I have included a link that speaks to this:

We are truthful about our labeling even though it may cause a negative comment from time to time about the MSG. MSG seems to occur in many of the products that we eat and some of us don’t even know it.

Ever order a great steak at popular steak house? There is a big chance that it was marinaded in a hydrolyzed sauce of some sort – thus containing “MSG”. The difference is that when you get the steak it is still hydrated and the full component of the MSG swirls around in the juices in its original form. When you get the beef jerky it is completely dehydrated and less than a teaspoon of our recipe went into it. Big difference if you ask me. So rest assured, WE do not take an MSG shaker and add a “pinch” to our recipe. All we do is make a heck of a jerky product.



Lights Jerky Brown Cow
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